About Thyme

By the time you finish reading this sentence, countless harmful particles would have attached to your skin. Let that sink in. Now this:-

Thyme Organic is there to fight the pollutants and chemicals that attack your skin day and night. Thyme Organic represents toxic chemical-free skincare with purpose.
We don’t believe in talking in abstractions about what our products can and can’t do. We are transparent. We are cool that way. Every Thyme skincare product is made with kick-ass natural extracts & ingredients and is 100% toxic chemical-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, crafted to give you beautiful, pollution-free skin.

Our Theory

Organic Extracts + Kickass Natural Ingredients + Pure Awesomeness Chemicals = Healthy Skin

Our skincare theory is based on a simple truth – Chemicals are meant for your toilet cleaner, not your skin. That’s why our products are made using exotic extracts known for their cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. To that, we add toxic chemical-free ingredients and a dash of pure awesomeness to create unisex products that are gentle on your skin. And did we mention we are kid-friendly?

The essential oils we use, give the products a pleasing texture and great smell so that you have a rejuvenating skin care experience.

Meet the Team

Pragati Kumar
Co Founder

Post Graduate in Textile Designing

In FMCG industry for 10+ years

Swati Gupta
Co Founder

Post Graduate in Interior Designing

Experience of over 15 years in Interior Designing

Before Pragati and Swati started Thyme Organic, they struggled with skin issues from time to time: sensitive skin, acne, blotches, increased skin pigmentation. They thought the problem was with their skin, and to fix it, they moved from brand to brand, hoping to discover the solution to their skin problems. But to no avail. After long discussions over endless cups of coffee, they realised that the problem was not with their skin but the pollution and chemical-laden skin care products. Ultimately, Pragati and Swati hit on the idea of creating their own line of skincare products that are meant for people like themselves, who were fed up with existing skincare brands. But they still needed someone to realise their vision of toxin-free skincare..

Then Abhipriya came into the picture. Pragati and Swati had a thorough conversation with Abhipriya regarding their vision of organic, toxin-free skincare products that are enemies to the pollution and friends to the skin. Abhipriya further translated their vision into a range of products made using exotic extracts and natural ingredients.

Abhipriya Mishra
Head Cosmetologist

Postgraduate – Gold Medalist – Technical degree in cosmetics and fragrance from ISIPCA- France
In the Cosmetic industry since last 9 years

Sameer Gupta-

Product Design and Marketing Wizard specialising in apparels and FMCG sectors.

A prolific thought-leader and serial entrepreneur, Sameer always has his ears to the ground for the ‘next big thing’, so when Pragati and Swati reached out to him with their business idea and vision, he was immediately on board. Sameer is spearheading business and marketing at Thyme, helping Pragiti and Swati in product innovation as well.