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8 Reasons to Apply Organic Shea Butter For Your Face & Body

Did you know that Shea Butter is a fat which is derived from the nuts in the Shea? This tree has a mix of ivory and off-white colour and is firm at warm temperatures. Shea butter is a vital ingredient used in numerous cosmetic and beauty care products for many years. It is frequently applied because of its high usage because of the high concentration of multiple vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids. There are diverse beauty brands that include shea butter in their product range to exfoliate your skin.

Shea Butter With Thyme Organic

If you are wondering why you should use Shea Butter based products, then Thyme Organic has got this blog for you. Here are the top ten reasons why you need Shea butter to condition and smoothen your skin.

1) Suitable for All Skin Types: Shea butter is a tree nut-based product. It is low on proteins which prevent any possibilities of allergies. Shea butter does not contain any chemical irritants that dry out your skin or clogs up your pores.

2) Moisturizing Attributes: Shea butter is well known for the moisturizing effects that it has on your skin. The Shea butter rapidly moisturizes your skin and restores lipids. It plays a vital role in restoring the barrier between your skin and the external environment, holding on to the moisture in and reducing dryness.

3) It Won't Make Your Skin Oily: Shea butter contains a large quantity of linoleic acid and oleic acid. These two acids counterbalance each other out. That means shea butter is easy for your skin and will not make your skin look oily after applying.

4) Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties- When applied to your skin, it slows down the production of other inflammatory cells. Try using Thyme Organic's Deep Nourishing & Hydrating Body Lotion to reduce irritation caused by adverse weather stipulations and inflammatory skin conditions. 

5) Antioxidant Features- Shea butter-based products are supplemented with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These antioxidants are necessary for your skin as they act as an anti-ageing agent. Additionally, it prevents your skin from looking dull and any signs of premature ageing. 

6) Anti-Fungal Traits- It fights a variety of skin infections caused by fungi. It may not directly heal fungi activities but indirectly prevents it from the roots, especially diseases like ringworm and athlete's foot. 

7) It May Prevent Acne- For people with oily (sebum-excess oil) and suffering from acne, Shea butter helps you get the fatty acids that your face needs. Shea butter benefits your skin in reviving the lost moisture, which is essential for every individual of each age group. Furthermore, it helps in restoration of natural oils of your skin and overall moisturization.

8) Protects from Harmful Sun Rays- Shea butter can't be used itself as a sunscreen but, using similar products from Thyme Organic does provide you with some added sun protection. In fact, your lips miss out hydration and moisturization which can be secured by using the Day & Night Chapstick. Apply it over your favourite sunscreen for better results. 

Some additional benefits include healing wounds, battling sunburn and preventing them, relieving arthritis and joint ache, soothing muscle soreness and mitigating congestion.


Shea butter is blessed with requisite nutrients that can enhance your regular skin tone and help you radiate in the best possible way. It is considered safe for every skin type and numerous products like the Day & Night Chapstick and the Deep Nourishing & Hydrating Body Lotion that have the richness of shea butter have additional ingredients blended in. These products are best suited for almost all skincare concerns and give your skin the pampering that they deserve. 

To know more, check out Thyme Organic!