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Benefits of Activated Charcoal in your Personal Care Regimen

Activated charcoal is getting the reach of the beauty and cosmetic product. You'll find a variety of products like face wash, face scrub and face mask in the market to meet your facial requirements. It has various uses, like removing impurities and bacteria from your skin. Activated charcoal has become a widespread component in the majority of products. 

Benefits of Activated Charcoal
You must first know what exactly is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a black colored powdered product which is created when ordinary charcoal is exposed to a high level of heat. This heat results in the creation of holes in the charcoal that makes it adaptable to trap in toxins and chemicals. Note that activated charcoal is different compared to the charcoal that we use in grills. 

Numerous skin benefits that activated charcoal provides are as follow:-

1) Eliminates impurities from the Skin- Activated charcoal has the benefits to absorb toxins and bacteria that are present in your skin and face. It is a proven fact that the face mask helps in removing impurities from your skin. Using the Charcoal Glacier Face Mask helps in getting a brighter, glowing and a radiant skin tone. Massaging your face for 30 mins will nourish your skin and repair damaged skin.

2) Removes Acne- The leading cause of acne is due to the excess of sebum on your skin and building up of dead skin cells and bacteria. Acne can trigger pimples and other inflammatory problems which result in swelling, irritation and redness. Activated charcoal face wash like Charcoal Matcha Face Wash helps in removing bacteria from its roots that is the pores which improve the overall complexion and texture of your face. Apply it daily for best results.

3) Reduces Oil- By eliminating the dead skin cells and consuming excess oil (sebum), activated charcoal helps in providing your skin with a blooming look without any greasiness and shine. 

4) Cleans Pores- Activated Charcoal provides deep pore cleansing credit to its rich adsorbing characteristics. It is beneficial for people with open pores and oily skin as it penetrates itself to the bacteria and impurities that result in detoxifying skin. A scrub helps the most in it like the Charcoal Matcha Face Scrub that additionally fights blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

5) Exfoliates your Skin- Charcoal based products are a bit gritty, which is the reason why it is the most suitable exfoliator. Exfoliation is necessary for a healthy skin routine because it aids in eliminating old and dead layers of skin to let the newer and upcoming skin shine brighter and more youthful.

6) Deeply Cleans your Skin- You can discover cleansers that include activated charcoal in almost every drugstore nowadays. Some of them might be slightly more powerful than others. Avoid using these daily, as you do not want to soak the moisture that your skin needs to be healthy. 

7) Helps Soothes Bites, Skin Irritation and Cuts- Whether you are stung by a honeybee or had a scar from basic household chores that have become infected then activated charcoal can help hurry up the healing and ease the symptoms. The activated charcoal, when applied, helps absorb infection and disease. It will also bring down inflammation and lessen the swelling. It is the best remedy to reduce pain, and it even leaves a cooling effect.  

Once you get a hold of activated charcoal and see prominent results, then there is no turning back. Get the overall benefit of Charcoal with Charcoal bundle packs and Charcoal gift packs now!