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What is Maskne & How to Prevent it

If you are new to this term, you might be wondering- What does it mean? Is it some modern slang? A new mask brand? Or a new asking device? Well, if you have heard of this term, then you know how harmful it is for your skin.

Consequences of Maskne

"Maskne" is also known as "Mask Acne". It is an umbrella term for several skin conditions that occur when sweat, skin oils and bacterias are trapped on the skin whilst wearing a protective face mask. Wearing a face mask can result in problems like acne, dry skin and even dermatitis. In the current situation, wearing a mask and low ventilation over a long period is the prime reason for Maskne. Various other factors like lack of air, friction, heat, sweat and skin irritation can lead to Maskne. 

We cannot avoid wearing a protective face mask, and it is an inevitable part of our life. However, we need to find a way to tackle the problem of Maskne. The following products and methods will help in keeping your skin soft and smooth. 

1) Proper Cleansing with Neem Extracts- Add the Oil Control Face Wash in your daily face care essentials so that your face is ready for the environmental stressors and carry a load off your face mask. Apply it liberally as it is rich in Neem Extracts and Tea Tree which protects your topmost layer of the face. Be free and enable your skin to counter the daily challenges.

2) Add Green Tea for Exfoliation- Green tea is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Get the best of Matcha Green Tea in the DeTan Face Scrub that helps in skin detoxification. Furthermore, it helps in getting rid of pollutants and toxins which cause serious harm to your skin. Hence, you must remove all the dust and pollutants from your face every day in the morning and evening.

3) Don't forget to Nourish your Lips- Use the Organic Chapstick rather than glossy lip balms. The Chapsticks are rich in Cocoa Butter. Despite wearing masks for long hours, your skin stays soft and supple. 

4) Moisturization & Hydration with Macadamia Oil- Macadamia Oil products are rare to find. But don't worry, because the Deep Nourishing & Hydrating Body Lotion is enriched with Neem Extracts, Shea Butter and of course, the Macadamia Oil. In Winters, you do need moisturization and hydration, so with this body lotion, you will get the hydration that your skin misses due to face masks. 

Make sure to follow the necessary tips that are mentioned above. A bonus tip that you can add is by using Activated Charcoal Products. These products will help in eliminating pimples and acne. Try using them at home in the night before sleeping for best results.

General Tips to Follow-