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Why is Retinol Recommended for Skin Care

Most skincare specialists have heard of retinol, but few people understand what it actually does. Retinol is one of many members of the retinoid family. Retinoids (compounds derived from Vitamin A) come in a variety of different forms. Read on to find out more about the benefits of retinol. 

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin-A but falls under a broader category of retinoids. When applied topically, this product will convert into retinoic acid through specialized enzymes that are found within the skin. While retinoid acid can be applied topically it is harsher than retinol creams or serums, because it does not naturally convert over time.

Retinol is found in many different beauty and skincare products that you can buy over the counter. You may also see a cosmetic provider who may prescribe retinol to you. Retinol can make your skin look and feel softer, smoother, and have a radiant glow. It will help decrease fine lines and wrinkles while improving collagen production.

There are many benefits to retinol, but there are 5 main reasons why customers, skincare specialists and dermatologists buy and use retinol. Here we will discuss those reasons further:


Do you have treatment-resistant acne? Retinol may be just what you need. By unclogging pores, retinol clears skin and prevents further outbreaks from occurring. Naturally, less acne will result in fewer Acne Scars. Plus, retinoids can amplify the effects of other medicated creams and gels, allowing you to get the maximum benefits of whatever treatments you're using.


You can rest easy knowing that retinol is one of the most used and most well-studied Anti-Ageing ingredients when it comes to skincare. Originally marketed as an anti-acne treatment in the 70s, tretinoin quickly proved to have considerable anti-ageing effects.


One of the many noteworthy aspects of retinol is that it stimulates skin cell turnover, which is manifested as a sort of "exfoliating" effect. Dull and dry skin makes way for new, brighter, and more even-toned skin, armed with increased levels of collagen and elastin. The thicker skin is stronger and smoother and has fewer overall imperfections. Thus, even relatively "problem-free" skin can have radiating effects from retinol.


Get rid of those baggy eyes and puffiness with Retinol. Application of Retinol based Products will ease your eye area and prevent dark circles. Keep your eyes relaxed, stay youthful and look pretty as an angel. 

Now you have seen the major benefits of Retinol. Know more with Thyme Organic