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Your Winter and Summer Companion Chapstick- Day With SPF15 & Night With Extra Moisturising

The worst part about searching for lip care products is the diversity in the range of collection. Some are suited for summers and sun protection, whereas others are recommended only for winters and dry lips. That is where Thyme presents Chapstick-Day With SPF15 & Night With Extra Moisturizing. This chapstick is meant for multipurpose use and an essential tool for both summers and winters. SPF is crucial for lips, even in winters. Your lips have thin skin and low content of melanin resulting in minimal protection from UV rays and signs of ageing. Whenever you apply sunscreen, it is observed that you might miss out some of the areas here and there unintentionally. And mostly one of those places is your lips. 

Chapstick Day & Night

When the temperature changes, you pay extra care towards your skin. You moisturize it, nourish it and protect it with your suitable lotion to tackle the harsh hitting winter season. Your delicate lips end up being neglected and result in being chapped and dry. Apply the essential chapstick regularly to fight these problems. Exposure to the sun can lead to non-healing patches and pre-cancerous scaly. If left untreated, then it can furthermore lead to skin cancer. Here is the guide about why you should choose the Chapstick-Day With SPF15 & Night With Extra Moisturizing and how it is different from other products.

Various chapsticks include SPF that is important throughout the winter as it is during the summer. We don’t regularly correlate sun damage with the winter. However, during the summer, we are particularly conscious of how the UV rays can lead to sunburn and cause a lot of other damage. Nevertheless, even during the winter, the sun is still beaming brightly and can harm your lips. As mentioned earlier, the skin on the lips has no natural melanin. This means that your mouth has no inherent shield against the sun. Chapsticks with sunscreen not only keep your lips soft but also prevent sunburn and numerous sun-related loss.

Stay miles away from drying agents like phenol, menthol and camphor as the chapstick ingredients. Likewise for salicylic acid. These drying agents are at times added as an exfoliant to aid in eliminating flaky and dry skin from your lips. However, prolonged usage can result in irritation and itchy lips. Try opting for a chapstick like the Chapstick-Day With SPF15 & Night With Extra Moisturizing that consist of Shea Butter, Vanilla Extracts, Mint Extracts Cocoa Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Macadamia Oil that provides long-lasting hydration & moisturization. 

Try switching to chapsticks from glossy lip balms. If you plan on going out for a long day of work, withdraw from using glossy lip balms. These lip balms can pull harmful UV rays to your lips. Thyme's chapsticks, on the other hand, fight the sun rays and harmful UV rays with the goodness of extra moisturizing properties and SPF 15 makes your lips suitable for both winters and summers. 

Soothe and protect your lips with these 100% toxic and chemical-free chapsticks for total moisturization & sun protection. Not only is it 100% Vegan but also made up of natural ingredients only. Winter is coming so go on and get the Thyme's Chapstick-Day With SPF15 & Night With Extra Moisturizing now!