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Triple Correction Under Eye Serum 15ML

21 Reviews
Rs. 795.00

Some problems are just universal. Dark circles are very much a part of it. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve to repeatedly put up with those ‘You look tired’ concerns. Ugh! Surely taming dark circles is tricky, but with Triple Correction Under Eye Serum, it’s possible to treat and lessen them over time.

It moisturizes, soothes, and refreshes the under-eye skin and helps to make it firmer, smoother, lighter, and radiant. It helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. It has potent ingredients like Retinol, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, and others which help in giving eyes a youthful and radiant skin tone along with keeping the area around the eyes hydrated & Nourished.

  • Removes Dark circles
  • Reduces under-eye puffiness
  • Reduces fines lines wrinkles around the eye area like crow’s feet & sagginess
  • Keeps the skin around the eye hydrated and nourished
  • Helps to brighten the eye contour
  • Retinol
  • Alpha Arbutin
  • Vitamin C
  • Licorice Extract
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Men and Women
  • Squeeze out a tiny dot onto your ring fingertip.
  • Apply gently onto the under-eye area from inward to outward motion.
  • Do not apply extra pressure.

This lightweight under-eye formulation contains potent ingredients of Retinol which boosts blood flow to the skin, which increases the production of collagen and helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes ( crows feet & sagginess). Retinol works by triggering the skin cells of the outermost layer of the skin to turnover faster so that new skin cells can generate. This results in smoother and more even-looking skin.

The serum also contains Alpha Arbutin which is a naturally occurring derivative of hydroquinone (a popular skin-lightening ingredient) extracted from the dried leaves of plants like blueberry, cranberry, and bearberry. It works as an effective skin-lightening agent which removes dark circles under the eyes and is gentle on the skin.

Vitamin C helps brighten the skin and gives a radiant and youthful skin tone which helps to lighten the dark circles and pigmentation around the eye area.

Along with these it also has Green tea extract, Cucumber extracts & Licorice extract which helps in reducing puffiness, lightens and evens out the skin tone along with keeping it hydrated and nourished.

➡️ Can it be used on upper eyelids also?

Yes, it can and should be applied on the upper eyelid also but be careful of the serum not going into the eye, if it does then pls wash it off immediately.

➡️ How Often should I use the under-eye serum. It can be used in the morning and before bedtime for maximum results. Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, it's ok for sensitive but we will still recommend you to do a patch test by applying a small amount on the inside of your wrist and wait for 10 mins to see if it suits you.

➡️ Can this be used for men too?

All Thyme Organic products are unisex and can be used for both men & women.

➡️ Can my teenage son/daughter use this product?

Yes, this can be used by your teenage son/daughter as all Thyme products are 100% Toxic chemical-free and made from safe, natural ingredients.

➡️ How long does it take to show the results?

Use it regularly for 4-6 weeks and then you will visibly see the difference and results.

Aqua, Sodium Gluconate, Glycerin, Vitamin C, Retinol, Alpha Arbutin, Collagen, Cucumber Extract, Licorice Extract, Natrosol Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Butylene Glycol, Vitamin E, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract & Essential Oil.

In a world full of beauty, quick-fixes, and chemically aided make-overs, Thyme Organic chooses the path of nourishment. Perfectly backed and blended by extensive research and development, we offer natural solutions for hair, skin, and beauty care.

The algorithm is on the deep repair that comes from within, without any side effects. Just as in 'Nature'.

Every Thyme Organic Product Is Free From Sulphates, Parabens, Alcohol, Formaldehydes, Phthalates, Dea/Tea, Petroleum Derivatives, Phenoxyethanol & Animal Derivatives.

All Our Products Are 100% Toxic Chemical Free And Made From Natural And Organic Extracts/Ingredients, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, Crafted To Give You Beautiful And Flawless Skin.

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Thyme Commitment

Every Thyme Organic Product Is Free From Sulphates, Parabens, Alcohol, Formaldehydes, Phthalates, Dea/Tea, Petroleum Derivatives, Phenoxyethanol & Animal Derivatives.


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All Our Products Are 100% Toxic Chemical Free Crafted To Give You Beautiful And Flawless Skin.

Triple Correction Under Eye Serum 15ML

Rs. 795.00